This project is inspired by the place where it is installed, and started with me discovering that there were pedestal looking blocks on the legs of a bridge close to my apartment. What they are for I do not know, but they sure were inviting. As I recently moved back into this apartment I went through old boxes and threw a bunch of stuff away in the garbage room where I found quite a bit of interesting items and it gave me the idea to use them for the project. I was amazed at how much stuff was thrown away, much looked barely used and some even brand new. I liked the idea of giving these objects one more use. Also, to use only discarded everyday objects fits very well with it being a comment on consumerism, an idea that attracted me and something I have used before in my art. The fact that all items in this garbage room has been thrown away by my neighbors that live right next to the bridge was also appealing to me. 


I decided to spray paint them all the same color since I wanted a coherent look. Since street art projects are controversial by nature I had to consider factors that I am not used to. On a sunny day thousands of people walk under this bridge and most are probably not your average gallery goers and I wanted this to be something that was positive for them. I chose a bright pink since it looked so good with the concrete surrounding them, and because it is so artificial looking. 

On May 13th I installed 18 items and items started disappearing that same night. Since then most items have disappeared or been destroyed (some items has also reappeared) and I have refilled four times now. 

Just a few days after I installed bloggers started writing about it, newspapers wrote about it and I was interviewed on the radio. It has been nice to see the positive response in media and from passerby’s but what makes this a success to me is that I have managed to change how people use the space. From being a portal you just walk through people now stop, hang out and they talk to each other. Early on in the project I ran into two ladies in the upper 80’s who both loved it and were so excited someone had made the place pretty. That was a very positive thing to me since they would be the ones I would assume don’t like street art. 

 The first name I had for the project was simply Rosa Grejer (Pink Stuff) but I renamed it Re:Used. One reason is because the objects and the space are being reused and I decided to add the : after re as a indication of a somewhat sporadic conversation, like an email chain can be, since this project has turned into just that.