Thesis-work 2009

I made 15 pieces as part of my thesis project. The seven below are the final selection


Everything Changes

Acrylic on canvas board and canvas mounted on foam core, photographs mounted on foam core

Approximate size 78x80x54 inches

To Put Aside Is Not Solution

Acrylic on canvas board, photograph, wood, foam, sand, plaster, papier-mâché, chicken wire

Approximate size 75x53x62 inches


Mindset Expand

Acrylic on canvas and board, cardboard, wood, photographs mounted on foam core, plastic grid

Approximate size 84x102x60 inches


Disregarded Transition

Acrylic on canvas, photograph mounted on foam core, wood

Approximate 72x47x31 inches

Every Choice Counts

Acrylic on wood and on canvas mounted on foam core, photographs mounted on foam core, wood

Approximate size 95x50x39 inches


The Concealed Holds Significance

Acrylic, graphite and pastel on canvas mounted on board, wood, photograph

Approximate size 75x60x30 inches


Events Have Connections

Acrylic on canvas and on canvas mounted on wood, wood, yarn, clothespins, photographs

Approximate size 71x47x31 inches

Thesis Summary

In this body of work I am mixing painting, photography and sculpture as a way to explore choice making. I strongly believe that I as a person am responsible for my life and for what is included in it. I can choose to go up or down the stairs without fully being aware of what is waiting at the end. Through the choices I make, I shape my life for good and bad. I feel that each choice I make begins a transition leading to new choices that need to be made, usually with some information missing, just as on a worn out sign. Once a decision has been made new information might show up with the ability to crack our reality. These cracks can be destructive but they also have the power to open up for something new, for growth, and the ability to spread just like roots.

By observing what is around me I can gather information necessary to decide what seems to be the right choice. With my camera I capture what I observe; my work is based off of these photographs. The objects in my work are: fences, stairs, signs, roots and cracks. To me my work is not about the object itself but what I see the object representing or functioning as.

By examining choices I have made I have realized that the worst experiences have taught me the most, or to use my symbolism, the worst cracks have built the strongest roots.

My full thesis paper can be read here


The artwork below are pieces that did not make it into the final selection

Happy Vagrancy

Acrylic on board, wood, wire, photograph, nails, foam letters and clothespins




Acrylic on board, photograph, clothespins, wood, rope

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